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An Introduction and Our Purpose

dave meets the royals during recent visitAn increasing number of our Canadian Soldiers, who have served us in peacekeeping missions and war, have lost their lives, “Made the ultimate sacrifice’’ so that there may be some peace in the world. In 2008 Dave Sopha was personally touched by an article in the Kitchener Waterloo Record newspaper about the 100th Canadian fallen hero. This article covered the whole front page with the faces of these men and women. Dave felt an over whelming desire to honour each and every one of them while looking into the faces of these men and women, he wanted to say thank you to these people and their families. They deserved at least that. With his talents in the visual arts, an airbrush artist by trade for over 40 years. He decided to pick up a paint brush and oil paints and put his hands and eyes together to create the most stunning display of honour one has ever laid eyes on!

As a father of four himself, he felt the need to help the families in their time of grieving, to show them that their loved ones will NOT BE FORGOTTEN AND DID NOT DIE IN VAIN.

His goal, was to make sure that ALL Canadians come together to remember, honor and celebrate our Canadian Forces.
After a 7 month journey in 2011 across this beautiful country, Meeting with most of the families, Thanks to “KIN CANADA” and their amazing membership from coast to coast.

After numerous request for the painting to come back or go to cities that have yet to have it on display, we believe it is so important to have means to be able to fulfill the requests of our fellow Canadians.

Our Objective

dave meets canadian general thanks him for the portraitIn 2014 the painting was completed. Six years in the making. In March of 2014 the campaign in Afghanistan ended. At Portraits of Honour we believe that it is so important to have all Canadians celebrating together, and honour the great accomplishments made by our Canadian Forces in Afghanistan. After countless hours and days on end , We have obtained a charitable status and are working diligently on finding sponsors to help us be successful in our upcoming missions to Honour our Canadian Military and First Responders.

We are planning another tour across our beautiful nation with something a little different this time… Along with the painting and other paintings from other missions, A travelling museum, with things such as memorabilia, uniforms, equipment and photos, that will help to interact with adults and children alike.

With the help of sponsorships we can make this happen and we will be able to help educate and further have Canadians remember the sacrifices that our brave men and women in the Canadian forces make each and every day.

This is also a way for us to show our troops that CANADIANS ARE PROUD of our military and First Responders and of the work they do for us and other people throughout the world. This tour and Portrait also gives a chance for our troops to say good bye, and pay their respect to their fallen friends.
The painting helps to bring closure to the families, by having the chance to look into the eyes of their loved ones, one more time, knowing that their legacy lives on.



Welcome to the Portraits of Honour Website.

A website that is dedicated to the honour of our Canadian Military, First Responders and to the memory of our fallen.

Our goal is to educate Canadians on why we all should be PROUD of our troops and all the accomplishments made by each and every one of them, in every role they play.


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The Portraits of Honour Foundation is a now registered charity and you can donate to help not only continue the existing mission, but also help expand our mission to help in veterans and first responders.

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Portraits of Honour

Our objective is to educate Canadians and help remember the sacrifices that our brave men and women in the Canadian forces make each and every day. We want to show our troops that CANADIANS ARE PROUD of our military and First Responders and of the work they do.

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