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Portraits Of Honour :: Purpose and Introduction

Portraits of Honour | Portraits Honorifiques

Purpose and Introduction

An increasing number of our Canadian Soldiers, who have served us in peacekeeping missions and war, have lost their lives, “Made the ultimate sacrifice’’ so that there may be some peace in the world.

In 2008 Dave Sopha was personally touched by an article in the Kitchener Waterloo Record newspaper about the 100th Canadian fallen hero. This article covered the whole front page with the faces of these men and women.

Dave felt an over whelming desire to honour each and every one of them while looking into the faces of these men and women, he wanted to say thank you to these people and their families. They deserved at least that.

With his talents in the visual arts, an airbrush artist by trade for 38 years. He decided to pick up a paint brush and oil paints and put his hands and eyes together to create the most stunning display of honour one has ever laid eyes on!

As a father of four himself, he felt the need to help the families in their time of grieving, to show them that their loved ones will NOT BE FORGOTTEN AND DID NOT DIE IN VAIN.

His goal, was to make sure that ALL Canadians come together to remember, honor and celebrate our Canadian Forces.

After a 7 month journey across this beautiful country, and meeting with most of the families, and after numerous request for the painting to come back or go to cities that have yet to have it on display, we believe it is so important to have means to be able to fulfill the requests of our fellow Canadians.

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