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Do you have an event (i.e. a fundraising dinner, festival, airshow, county fair, etc.) that you would like the Portraits of Honour Tour to visit? If so, please take a moment to complete the form below.

In chosing where to bring the Tour, we consider the following four criteria.

  1. Is there a fallen troop in your area?
    If so, the Tour will be coming to your city or region. It’s simply a matter of when. But if you don’t, it doesn’t mean we can’t come. It means we have to consider the next three criteria.
  2. How many people will attend your event?
    Again, our goal is to engage as many Canadians as possible with this project. Events with larger attendance will get preference over smaller events.
  3. What is the fundraising potential of your event?
    Organizers who plan events with high fundraising potential will be given preference over others.
  4. What is the military involvement in your event?
    While not all locations are within proximity to military bases or reserve units, Organizers who are able to integrate military personnel into their events will be looked upon favourably.

Due to existing events, we can’t always attend your location on the exact date you want. We obviously can’t be in Alberta one day and Ontario the next. But if you have a specific event (i.e. music festival) that you would like us to come to please let us know when. We’ll do our best. Equally, if you are flexible then let us know and your chances will improve considerably as we will try to plan a stop while we’re in your region already.

Event Information
Event Name (if you don't have an event name, please provide your group name)
Where will your event take place?
Is your event date fixed or is it flexible?  If fixed please indicate:
Event Date(s):
If your date is flexible, please click here and we will contact you to discuss:
Estimated Attendance:
Organization Information
Postal Code:
Phone (Daytime):
Phone (Evening):
Phone (Cell):
Email Address:
Other Details
Please describe your event with as much detail as possible.
Do you have military units nearby? No Yes
• If yes, please identify what units.
• Have you invited them to your event? No Yes
• Will they attend? No Yes

In order to minimize unsolicited messages, please enter the characters at the left in the box above.

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