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August 9, 2021

Statement by Portraits of Honour Chairman on National Peacekeepers' Day

Portraits of Honour Chairman, Roger Hebblethwaite issued the following statement today concerning National Peacekeepers' Day

“Today is a very special day for Canadians as we honour the men and women who have served as Canadian peacekeepers throughout the world to promote peace, democracy, human rights and to protect those innocent people who have depended on us for their freedom.

“For the past 60 years, Canada has built a world renowned reputation and honoured history as peacekeepers.  Today we recognize and salute these devoted and courageous soldiers, sailors, aircrew and coast guard who have served in United Nations peacekeeping operations throughout the world.  Often their service has been at the ultimate cost.

“Whether it is manning an observation post, walking a border between two fighting countries or delivering humanitarian aid to those in the most desperate of circumstances, our peacekeepers have participated in United Nations and NATO operations in over 40 countries.

“Today’s date, August 9th, was chosen to honour our peacekeepers in commemoration of August 9th, 1974,  when nine Canadian peacekeepers were killed when their aircraft was shot down over Syria.  This tragic day would mark the highest number of Canadian peacekeepers killed in a single incident.

“As we continue to travel across Canada to honour the men and women who were killed in combat in Afghanistan, Kin Canada and the Portraits of Honour National Tour team join all Canadians in recognizing our peacekeepers and their families for all they have sacrificed in their efforts to bring peace and stability to countries torn apart by conflict.  We are proud of our peacekeepers and we will never forget their selfless service.”

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