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September 19, 2021


 Statement by Portraits of Honour Chairman on the Addition of Two Civilians To Mural 

Portraits of Honour Chairman, Roger Hebblethwaite issued the following statement today concerning the addition of two civilians onto the Portraits of Honour mural:

“On behalf of the Portraits of Honour National Tour committee and the members of Kin Canada, we are pleased to announce that upon the completion of our national tour, Artist Dave Sopha will add Canadian diplomat Glynn Berry and Calgary Herald news reporter Michelle Lang onto the Portraits of Honour mural.

“While these two Canadians did not carry guns, their mission in Afghanistan was equally important as that of our troops.

“On January 16th, 2006, Glyn Berry, a Canadian diplomat who had gone to Afghanistan to try to broker peace, was travelling in a military convoy of heavily-armoured Mercedes jeeps. Berry died when a suicide bomber approached in a nearby vehicle and detonated his haul of explosives.  Two other civilians were killed in the incident and ten people were wounded, including three Canadian soldiers.

“On December 30, 2009, Calgary Herald reporter Michelle Lang joined nine Canadian soldiers in the back of an amoured personnel vehicle.  The patrol unit had been tasked with gathering information on the pattern of life and maintaining security in the area.  They were operating in the Dand District when their vehicle struck an IED.  Lang was killed alonside four Canadian troops.  Five others were injured in the attack.

“Our soldiers, sailors and aircrew require the assistance of diplomats like Mr. Berry to accomplish their mission and in order to bring the important stories of the Afghan people and our troops to the world, we need reporters.

“They deserve to be immortalized on the Portraits of Honour mural and we’re pleased that they will be added and that their service and sacrifice will always be remembered.”


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