Sent with Love from Springdale

In the small town of Springdale, Nfld a woman with a big heart has made a huge impact on her community and on our Canadian Forces.

When the Portraits of Honour visited Springdale, the display of the mural provided an opportunity for local Glady’s Osbourne to address the crowd.

In her mid-eighties, and partially blind, Ms. Osbourne writes over 1000 letters a month to our Canadian troops. She began by “adopting” one regiment as her pen pals, but after seeing the impact and response she received, now endeavors to write to them all.

“ When I hear what a smile my letters put on their face, I just don’t want to stop,” she said, “ It is very important to show our support to our troops.”

Efforts like those by people like Ms. Osbourne show us that we can each give of our time, talents and resources in ways large or small to support our Canadian Forces.

Something as simple as visiting the Portraits of Honour mural when it comes to your hometown, taking a moment to remember those who have fallen, and maybe donating a toonie or a twenty for our troops, goes a long way when Canadians from coast to coast each contribute what they can.