A Crossroad of Honour in Corner Brook

In many of the stops that the Portraits of Honour has visited, the community pays special tribute to those from their local area who have fallen in Afghanistan.

Corner Brook was no exception as they named a street in honour of local fallen hero Corporal Brian Pinksen as part of the Portraits of Honour Tour stop ceremony. 

Looking at the street sign, one could not help but feel pride for Corporal Pinksen’s parents and family, knowing that all who travel the streets of their community for generations to come will recognize the name of their loved one who gave so much for the country that he loved.

Later in the evening, a fundraising reception and auction gave all who attended the opportunity to celebrate the life of Corporal Brian Pinksen and his fallen comrades, while helping to raise funds for their brothers and sisters in arms who may be coming home with physical and emotional injuries.

Knowing that their local hero had been appropriately honoured, and that others who served as he did will be helped, Corner Brook can certainly be proud of what they accomplished.