A Flood of Support in Bridgewater

As the Portraits of Honour made it’s way to its display location in Bridgewater, NS it was almost overwhelming to see the hundreds of military personnel, RCMP, legion members, schoolchildren, silver cross families and community volunteers parading up the street, leading the way for the Portraits of Honour Caravan.  

Marching bands and pipers filled the air with music, and young children carried white crosses, the names of the fallen clearly emblazoned upon them. Soldiers marched solemnly and steadily, and a legion colour party proudly carried flags for the country, the province, and others.

Arriving at the legion to set- up for the day, dozens more greeted the parade and remained for a moving ceremony honouring the fallen heroes on the mural. A day of appreciation for all those in the local region that had served in Afghanistan was also incorporated into the proceedings, with each service person receiving an introduction and a token of appreciation from the community.

In the evening a sold out fundraising dinner had nearly 200 community members out to show their support.  The Legion, the local organizers and the community as a whole rallied around the Portraits of Honour tour stop in their town from start to finish and it is clear they truly believe in the project’s mission, to help those returning with injuries and the families of the fallen.