Memorials in Moncton

The Portraits of Honour National Tour set up outside the Moncton legion for a brief stop on Thanksgiving Monday.

A memorial that stood nearby read, “This memorial is dedicated to the members of the Canadian Forces and R.C.M.P who gave their lives for peace for all mankind in Peace Keeping Operations.”  It was a perfect compliment to the message of remembrance and honour that the Portraits of Honour tour is spreading across the nation.

Families of three of the fallen heroes were in attendance along with several members of the Canadian Army Veterans motorcycle club. Several dozen locals also took time on this holiday Monday to pay their respects.

Many in attendance remarked about how lifelike each of the portraits was and how moving it was to put faces to the sacrifice that Canada has made in pursuit of peace internationally.

With memorials like the one that stood nearby, the many we have seen across the nation, and the Portraits of Honour itself we hope that Canadians will continue to recognize that real people, each with their own unique story, gave all for a better world.