Giving Thanks in Saint John

The Portraits of Honour National Tour arrived at the Armouries in Saint John, NB on Thanksgiving Sunday morning, escorted from Fredericton by riders from a number of army veteran motorcyclist groups.

As a small crowd gathered for a ceremony that included a colour guard, speeches from the Mayor of Saint John, MLA of Saint John Riding, and the artist Dave Sopha, a brilliant sun shone in a cloudless sky.

The parents of local fallen hero Private David Greenslade sat in the front row listening as Mayor Ivan Court spoke about the need to be truly thankful to those who serve in our armed forces, as well as emergency response personnel.

He described how the life we enjoy now, the life we are thankful for, would likely not be as it is without the sacrifices of those who served in past conflicts and that the future for our children and grandchildren can not come to be without the service of the brave young service people of today.

So although thanksgiving comes but once a year, let us make each day a day of thanks for those in uniform. When you see a member of the Canadian Forces on the street or meet an emergency responder who helps to keep your community safer, buy them a coffee, shake their hand, or simply say “ Thank You.”