Preparing For the Future in Perth - Andover

The Civic Center in Perth Andover sits just off of the picturesque Saint John River, nestled between two local schools.

When the Portraits of Honour National Tour visited this tiny town of less than 2000, nearly a quarter of the population, including all schoolchildren from grades one through twelve, came out to view the mural.

It is so important that we share the mural, and its message of remembrance with our youth. These are our future decision makers, policy changers, and advocates of peace. Helping our children to understand the cost of conflict and Canada’s role on the global stage is not just a good thing to do, it is our duty.

The Portraits of Honour mural helps children to understand, in a very visible and memorable way, that the cost of helping others can include the loss of many young lives. However, listening to those involved with the project speak, also highlights the immense good that can come from these sacrifices.