Warm Welcome in Edmundston

Edmundston, NB welcomed the Portraits of Honour to the Atlantic Provinces with open arms and strong support.

A simple ceremony held outside of City Hall drew many to hear about the portraits and see them up close. The mayor of Edmundston spoke on the importance of remembrance and the pride and comfort that the Portraits of Honour mural brings to the families of the fallen.

At a dinner for the crew and volunteers that followed public viewing of the mural, one couldn’t help but notice the friendliness and community mindedness of the locals in the crowd.

In many ways our Canadian soldiers are much like these people. They are friendly and kind to strangers, travelling across the world and away from their families to help those in need, people they haven’t even met, people who initially may even intend to do them harm.

They have a sense of community, in the global sense, which leads them to fight injustices against people the world over, because as members of our global community these people deserve to be free from terror and oppression.

They share what they have, their knowledge and skills, to help to make the world a better place.

It is such a source of pride to know that this Canadian spirit, seen across this great country throughout the Portraits of Honour National Tour, and once again in New Brunswick, is being shared with those half a world away.