Top Honours in Sudbury

Arriving at the Sudbury Armouries on a sunny fall afternoon, the Portraits of Honour National Tour was greeted by an eager crowd of military personnel, Kinsmen and Kinettes, and local supporters.

While the tour crew set-up the stage outside, an important ceremony took place within the Armouries as Retired Canadian Major -General, Lewis Mackenzie, received the prestigious Kin Canada designation, the Hal Rogers Fellow.

Mackenzie was recognized for his ongoing service to Canada and his support of the ideals of democracy as well as his continued commitment to the Canadian Forces.

Following the ceremony General Mackenzie and others had the opportunity to view the mural up close and speak with artist Dave Sopha. Several hundred more members of the community had the same opportunity the following day as the Portraits of Honour were on display at Sudbury’s Southridge Mall.

In the evening more than 300 people came together at the nearby Caruso Club to enjoy a gala fundraiser and show their support for the project.  With an excellent meal and interesting speeches by a number of local dignitaries and special guests, it was an evening enjoyed by all in attendance.

From the greeting upon the tour’s arrival to the incredible turnout for the gala dinner, the people of Sudbury, and the Kin Clubs responsible for organizing the events, showed they truly do celebrate, honour and remember the members of our Canadian Forces. Even the accommodations provided for the tour crew at House of Kin, another Kin project that provides cost reduced lodging to families visiting sick relatives at the nearby medical center, showcased the amazing work this organization does in Canadian communities. 

General MacKenzie received top honours, and the Kin Clubs of Sudbury deserve the same for a job well done.