Thunder Bay  - A Reminder of Things to Come

In the early morning light, The Portraits of Honour set up just outside the Thunder Bay Armouries. Military members and families of the fallen were the first to be invited to view the portraits, followed by members of the community.

A VIP lunch at the nearby Armouries also gave the Portraits of Honour crew, dignitaries and visitors a chance to see the Military History Museum housed within.

Looking at uniforms, medals and artifacts from wars past served as a reminder that our young veterans just returning from Afghanistan, those serving currently and those who have perished in this conflict, will forever be a part of our history. The way that we honour and remember those who have died, and the way that we support those who return, will forever be stamped on the fabric of our nation.

Will we truly show our gratitude? Will we teach our children about the difference these brave young people made an ocean away, and the impact that these changes have had and will continue to have at home? Will we help those who have given so much and now need our support? Will we comfort the families who have lost a piece of their heart forever in whatever small way we can?

When future generations look back on Canada’s involvement in the Afghan conflict, and our treatment of those who served there, let us hope that the Portraits of Honour, and the patriotism and outpouring of support it has inspired, will be a source of pride and inspiration.