September 9: The Heart of the Matter in Edson

Under blazing late summer sun, children and elders alike gathered outside of the Edson Legion to show their support for local fallen hero Master Corporal Raymond Arndt and his fallen comrades. With Master Corporal Arndt’s sisters, grandparent and extended family in attendance, the Mayor of the community addressed the crowd.

The Edson Tour Stop was not only about those in attendance however, but also one who was not.

The day before the Portraits of Honour Tour arrived in Edson, the father of Master Corporal Arndt, Walter, suffered a heart attack. Confined to the hospital, he was unable to visit the mural. He had argued with doctors and nurses, almost demanding to be released from hospital, putting his own health at risk, for the opportunity to see his son honoured in this way.  Instead though, Dave Sopha brought the mural to him as best he could.

Visiting the hospital with a replica print of Master Corporal Arndt’s portrait, Dave spoke with the grateful father, as machines beeped and whirred around him.  “ This means so much to the families left behind,” Mr. Arndt said, “ thank you so, so much.”

Throughout the tour we have seen just how important this mural is to the families of the fallen, and what it means to see a hometown crowd gather to honour their loved one’s memory.  Mr. Arndt reminded us again what a comfort every Canadian can be to those who have lost so much just by showing up.

Click Picture above to see the video of the visit on YouTUBE