August 31:  Many Ways to See it in Lloydminster

The city of Lloydminster,  straddling the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan, welcomed the Portraits of Honour tour under grey skies. Lloydminster is a city where two sets of laws, two groups of government, and two identities share the same name. 

This idea of duality, of being more than one thing, is not a new concept to the Portraits of Honour. The loss of the young lives depicted on the mural is both incredibly tragic and yet part of a future filled with hope.

While 157 young lives have been cut short, their sacrifice has made it possible for tens of thousands of young girls to go to school who weren't previously allowed to. 

While these individuals will never again stroll the streets of their hometown, they have helped build bridges, highways, government and industry to rebuild a nation.

While family and friends see a loved one who will no longer laugh at the family holiday table, civiilians see a hero that protects their own freedom to celebrate their beliefs in their own way.

Where a Commander sees a tragic loss of a loyal and dedicated trooper, a soldier that fought by their side sees a saviour who protected them and fell in their place.

The Portraits of Honour mural invokes many responses from those who view it. It is a memorial, a tribute, a place of grief, a place of remembrance and sometimes a place of celebration for what these 157 brave Canadians helped to accomplish. No matter which of these roles the Portraits of Honour is playing however, it can be one thing for all Canadians- A place to gather and show support and thanks to those depicted on its canvas.