August 29: Steady Support in Swift Current

As the Portraits of Honour set-up in front of Swift Current's Memorial Park, a small parade made it's way from nearby St.Olaf's church to the ceremony location at the cenotaph in the park. The ceremony honoured not only the fallen heroes from Afghanistan but also all of the fallen Canadian servicemen from past conflicts and peacekeeping missions. 

Following the ceremony, the supportive crowd enjoyed a bbq lunch, with many donating far more than the required fee. Throughout the day a steady stream of visitors took the time to view the mural, pause for a moment of silence, and donate to help the families of the fallen and those who are coming home with physical and emotional injuries. 

Many remarked on what a sacrifice had been made to try to bring the opportunite and ideals we hold so dear to an oppressed population. They also spoke of how difficult it must be for military families to watch their loved one leave for a war zone. 

The sentiment of the day, and perhaps the tour itself, can be summed up in the words of Swift Current's Mayor, Jarred Schafer, when he said: 

"Make sure that when you see a veteran or somebody in our armed forces say thank you, and say thank you in your own way, and always take time to remember the sacrifices that not only the men and women in the armed forces make but also the families who sometimes lose a loved one in battle but also sometimes just miss them when they are serving for periods of time overseas."