August 24: A Quiet Leader From Quiet Raymore

Most of the 500 citizens of tiny Raymore, Saskatchewan came out to pay their respects to Cpl. David Braun, a hometown hero known for his quiet leadership and contagious smile, as the Portraits of Honour National Tour rolled into town.

Following a fundraiser BBQ that garnered generous support for the project, a short ceremony was held on the Portraits of Honour stage.  The mother of Cpl. Braun spoke, talking about how each of us have choices in life.

When the anthem plays, we have the choice to sit, to lean or to stand respectfully. When we are faced with adversity, we have the choice to give up, or to rise to the occasion. When others need our help, we have the choice to turn away or to go to their aid no matter what the danger.

The Portraits of Honour tour celebrates and remembers those who, like Cpl. Braun, chose courage and paid the ultimate sacrifice to better the lives of others and protect the way of life we all enjoy.