July 28: Heroes and History in Kamloops

In a beautiful park near the lake in Kamloops, the Portraits of Honour National Tour set up for what proved to be an afternoon of personal remembrance.

Members of the tour crew had the opportunity to speak with a number of Afghanistan veterans who had served with some of those on the mural. They described what it had been like overseas and even shared stories of some of the fallen. One veteran who spoke during a short ceremony said that although Canada is now on a training and peacekeeping mission, those on the ground are still at war with threats ever-present. He encouraged Canadians to be grateful for their courage as they continue to demonstrate to the youth of the country that Canadians and Canada deserve their respect. They are encouraging a more peaceful future and for that we should all be proud.

The parents of local fallen hero, Master Corporal Erin Doyle spoke of how Erin had told them that he wanted to go there to help people; fallen troops, but also children and innocents that needed his help. They said he was a happy soul full of light and the desire to share that with others - one of those ambassadors the veteran had spoken of.

His mother also spoke during the ceremony, saying  how the images on the mural showed such a young version of her son and many of his fallen comrades and that they had given the ultimate sacrifice so early in life. Although their lives were short, they gave so much to both our country and to Afghanistan in support of a better future. 

The stories shared in Kamloops are stories that will not be forgotten and with this moving memorial, The Portraits of Honour, none of our fallen Canadian heroes will be forgotten either.