July 26: A Sea of Red by The Lake in Penticton

In Penticton's beautiful Gyro Park, across from popular Lake Okanagan, supporters and visitors dressed in a sea of red to welcome the Portraits of Honour National Tour. This display of patriotism and support was so impactful and Canadians nation wide can follow this example by wearing red each friday to show their support to our troops. 

At first, the many families of local fallen gathered to see the mural in a private viewing where they spoke with Artist Dave Sopha, and shared their stories of grief, remembrance and healing.

157 small canadian flags lined the grass in front of the stage where later in the day a short ceremony featuring comments from the mayor, and a local colour guard, saw the park almost overflowing with those who came to show their support. 

Many who were strolling on the nearby beach or wandering the town's main street came by to view the portraits and comment on the impact the images had on them. These visitors showed that remembrance doesn't always require a great deal of ceremony or formality but can come at an unexpected moment when one choses to wear red, or takes a few moments from their vacation or their workday to focus on gratitude for those who have fallen for the betterment of Canada and the world as a whole.