July 15: Personal Moments of Remembrance in Coquitlam

As the Portraits of Honour National Tour arrived in Coquitlam under grey skies, a small group gathered near the cenotaph, on the recently renamed Veteran's Way, to pay their respects to the 157 brave young men and women depicted on the Portraits of Honour mural. 

Though the group was small in numbers, many of those present had a deep and personal connection to those on the mural. One of the gentleman in attendance had trained several of the young men on the mural for their mission to Afghanistan. " They were good kids," he said, " and it's so sad that they were lost, but I am so so proud of them."

A young man standing nearby had served with a number of the fallen and described how much it means to those that continue to serve that should they meet the same fate, they know they will be remembered.

James Moore, Minister of Heritage, was in attendance and told the small crowd that after seeing the mural at the Royal Departure in Calgary he thinks it is of the utmost importance that Canadians from coast to coast have the opportunity to see it and show their gratitude for those that have fallen, respect for those that continue to serve and support for their families. 

After hearing stories like those told in Coquitlam, and in the many previous stops along the tour, we couldn't agree more, so we continue to build our own highway of heroes as we once again roll down the road.