June 24-26:  Hamilton shows there are many ways to show "I care"

It doesn’t matter how you show it … as long as you show it!

If there is one thing that we’ve learned over the past four weeks travelling with the Portraits of Honour mural, it is that the ways that Canadians choose to show their patriotism, their emotion and their support of our troops is as diverse as this country we call home.

Some arrive to quietly view the mural.  Some stand by as we drive through their town.  They wave, they hold flags, they honk their horns and you can tell by looking at them, that they care.

Thousands show up to view the mural and their reactions are powerful.  Some quietly place cash into the donation bins to help our injured troops.  Some buy POH merchandise.  It all helps.

Many cry openly and many hold their tears back but it’s just as obvious.

In Hamilton, we were treated to a display of patriotism through music and marching.  The Canadian International Military showcased the talents of hundreds of military themed bands.  Their talents were beyond description.

Parked in front of Copps Coliseum, thousands took time to view the mural on their way in or their way out.  The local Kin showed up in full force to volunteer for many long hours.  The smiles never left their faces.

Our crew has never been treated better thanks to the homestyle hospitality that was shown by Marnie, one of the local Kinettes and her husband Gary, who brought the entire crew into their Stoney Creek for breakfast and supper every day.  The food was amazing and the desserts are still the talk of the tour.

A local singer, Jack London, made his own contribution by entertaining those outside Copps with his own artistry by singing some songs that he composed specifically for the Portraits of Honour National Tour.

Hamilton clearly showed that they care for our troops.  It came in many forms. Each one special.  Each one meaningful.