Shining Lights in North Bay

At a Gala Dinner in North Bay held in support of the Portraits of Honour, a passage was written on a small piece of paper attached to each of the candle centerpieces.

The passage read:

When there is light in the soul

There will be beauty in the person,

When there is beauty in the person,

There will be harmony in the home

When there is harmony in the home,

There will be order in the nation,

When there is order in the nation,

There will be peace in the world.

In North Bay we saw light in the souls of the many people who worked so hard to make the Portraits of Honour stop as successful as it was. There was much beauty in these people who consistently give within their community, making life better for those around them.

The positive impact this has in the home was evident in the children and spouses who also helped to volunteer and who came out to show their support. 

Children that come from families like these grow up to be leaders in our nation, and two of these leaders, Canadian Forces personnel from the area who had served in Afghanistan, spoke to the gala crow. They spoke of the challenges overseas, but also of all the good work that our Canadian Forces have done and continue to do in Afghanistan.

We each have a light in our soul that can help to bring about peace. By recognizing the human cost of conflict and helping to heal those that have been affected, all those who support the Portraits of Honour allow their flame to burn a little brighter.