Valour in Valcartier

When Portraits of Honour visited Canadian Forces Base Valcartier, the contribution that Quebec has made to our efforts overseas became all the more clear.

In a taped video spot to be sent overseas to their serving comrades, over 100 men and women in uniform gathered on the Portraits of Honour stage to shout a phrase of solidarity and support.

Seeing these currently serving young men and women standing on the stage, one couldn’t help but think that almost the same number of people, of almost the same age, with many shared experiences were depicted behind them on the mural. It came to mind that they could very easily have switched places had the cards of chance been dealt differently.

The book of remembrance was also on display and reading the names, it became even clearer just how many of our fallen heroes called Quebec home.

During the ceremony held early in the day, a new video was unveiled that showcased some of the positive work that our Canadian Forces have been doing in Afghanistan. It talked primarily about the unique approach and specialized skills that Canadian Troops bring to their mission overseas. It also highlighted the advantage held by French Canadian troops who can speak both French and English as it allows them to communicate strategically without being understood, even in the presence of English speaking Afghan translators.

Soldiers, sailors and air personnel from Quebec have long brought passion, dedication and exceptional skill to our Canadian Forces, and with over 30 of the fallen heroes depicted on the mural coming from Quebec, the province has certainly lost many of their best and brightest. We were honoured to visit Valcartier to celebrate, honour and remember them.