Weathering the Storm in St. John's and Mount Pearl

Dealing with the loss of a family member, a member of your community, or a friend is difficult. It can be all the more difficult when that individual is a young person, so full of promise, who loses their life in a foreign conflict.

Weathering that storm can seem nearly impossible, especially for those closest to these fallen heroes. Clouds of anger, fear and depression roll in, the rain of a million tears pours down.

As we gathered in St. John’s and Mount Pearl to pay tribute to the 157 fallen heroes depicted on the mural, the weather was a perfect embodiment of these feelings.

Wind blew from every direction, shrieking and howling, rain pelted down so intensely it was hard to believe there had ever been sun.

Yet hundreds of people braved the storm to gather together for ceremonies of remembrance, viewing of the mural and a fundraising dinner. They arrived wet and cold, but soon the act of coming together to remember, honour and celebrate warmed everyone’s heart.

Everyone knew that outside the storm was still raging, but inside all were safe and protected.

When families are suffering the loss of a loved one that has served our country, we can provide this shelter from the overwhelming storm that they face by showing them that they are not alone. By simply attending ceremonies of remembrance or being part of a project like Portraits of Honour, we prove that we do remember and honour the sacrifice that they have made, and that we will never forget.  We cannot change the loss that they have suffered, just as we cannot change the weather, but we can offer them a warm embrace,  a comforting word or just the strength that comes with knowing that we care.